Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally got on line!!!

Hello all,

There are a group of us sitting in a hotel restaurant at the Girona airport, typing away on our computers. The villa does not have Internet accesses, so a group of us went in search of the Internet and ended up at the airport, may the story how we ended up here I'll discuss later. It's enough to say that we have had 3 great days of biking as well as 24 hours in Barcelona.

First day of biking:

We took off Sunday for the first day of biking we started out a bit late. Albert, had laid out a route in his bike GPS and we headed off, thirteen of us down the road like a bunch of ducklings following Uncle Albert. We slowly made our way through Girona, from West to East though city traffic until we started to climb the local hills to the East of Girona, stopping for a cafe con leche at the top, kinda surprising the we would stop for coffee isn't it??

We dropped down the eastern side of the hills finally stopping for a light lunch at about 3PM. We swamped a small cafe in a tiny town having some open face cheese sandwiches and Coke. I don't think that we left there until about 4PM and we were barely 1/2 way thorough the ride, I told you that we got a late start.  

To get back to the villa, we crossed the hills again along a different path, but equally as nice as the first followed by some busy roads as we made our way home. I think that we got back by 7PM or so. Then off to dinner finally in bad by 11:30 or so.

The attitude gain for the the day was 4050 Feet (1235 Meters).


  1. Hi Brian and the others with a C2C medal,
    In case you did'nt discover yet: beer in Spanish is cerveza (coffee is coffee all over the world!).
    Anyway, I did'nt expect that Spain was that much behind concerning WiFi. No library's? Philippe was always very keen finding them in the USA.
    Best wishes to you all. Enjoy and be careful.
    Jan Landman.

  2. I looked at Girona on Google and there is a long tunnel on the east side of town: it is on the Citra Madrid-Franca which looks like a two-lane hiway accessed from C-66 on the north side in (use the C-255 out of Pont Major) or the Carrer d'Emili Grahit on the south side (in La Creueta). Good Luck!!

  3. Sounds like a very nice ride. None of this up at the crack of dawn business, ride like heck to get into camp by 1:00 Pm