Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25th, Second day of Biking

Monday, July 25th, Second day of Biking
Jim, Lauri and me headed off to the bicycle shop in Girona that rented the bikes to the group, me included. Upon getting there met up with some of the other riders that needed attention from the owner and mechanic, Dave. We picked up some local bike maps that Dave had outlined some good local routes. After some lunch in town, as a group of six or so we headed back to the villa by a new and different route
The route was much more busy than expected and after 15 km or so, we finally jumped off the route on to a very quiet winding road that turned and twisted as it climbed. Perhaps a bit sooner that we would have wished, the ride was over.

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  1. Hey! What kind of ride is this? I wanted to see you guys sweating and straining under the load. I wanted to hear about the long climbs in the blazing sun.