Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roads, Drivers and Circles

This trip has been wonderful. Everywhere we road, the paved roads were beautiful. The surfaces smooth and in most cases repaved in the last couple of years. The temperate climate may also be a contributing factor. I understand that the Spanish roads have not always been as pleasant, but in the past several years, the EU has invested a lot of money in improving the roads in Spain. It makes me wish that the EU would adopt the roads that I ride in California. We spotted only a little trash, occasionally a beer can or a Coke can and very occasionally some broken glass.

For the most part, the car drivers were very courteous as well. Many times we would be on a narrow road with a narrow shoulder and the cars will patiently hang back waiting for a chance to pass, then give us room as the went by.

We did have some issues with drivers at the traffic circles. Seems that Girona was just loaded with them. Not many traffic lights, but traffic circles at major and many not so major intersections. It took us several days to figure out the rules of the circles and until then, we were getting beeped at and many times almost run over. By the second week however, we were able to thread a line of ten to twelve bicycles through big circles with heavy traffic without a single car beep. We just had to keep our eyes open and follow the rules.


  1. Brian: Thanks for taking the time to send these reports. I enjoyed your trip!

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