Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday August 2nd: (9th day of riding) - I never worked so hard going downhill

Tuesday August 2nd: (9th day of riding) - I never worked so hard going downhill

Yesterday's ride was wonderful and tiring, but I learned that some other riders; Albert, Lori and Shahla. So, bowing to peer pressure, I decided to do the ride again. The ride was identical to yesterday, but since I knew what to expect the climbs did not seem as difficult. An by 11 O'clock we were in Banyoles having not one, but two coffees before heading off to Olot.

We landed into Olot a bit earlier than yesterday, but this time decided to make lunch out of the supplies at the Quickie Mart at a BP station rather then heading into Olot as we did yesterday. The supplies at the Quickie Mart are very different that those in the US. We grabbed a loaf of fresh warm bread, sliced cheese, yogurt and soda. Sitting on the curb, in the shade of the gas station, was not as elegant as yesterday's lunch, but it was almost as good and a whole lot faster.

Next we headed off to the city center of Olot. When you get so close to a city like this you really have to check out the center of the city that is typically surrounding the stone church. By the time we got there it was about 2:45 and the stores and shops had already closed for the afternoon, closing at 2 and opening later in the day.

We then turned southwest and headed for home, about 40km. It was warmer that yesterday and as we left town we could almost feel a tail wind, however reality soon came into play where as we left town, we slammed into a strong headwind. I think the headwinds were stronger than yesterday, because it was warmer than yesterday. For the first 10-12 km we pushed our way through the wind and fought the traffic as it zipped by. Eventually, the downhill started, but to keep moving we still had to peddle our way. Even at the downhill steepened we were not able to coast.

But the time were got to Amer, not only were we tired by hot as well, the first time in our time in Spain that that the heat became a signification factor in our biking. We pulled into a gas station about 15km from the villa for some cold soda and a moment or two of rest until the final push. 

Within 4km we were off the busy road on to the GI-540, which has become a welcome final 10km to the villa. About 7km is a winding upward climb under the shading trees and on a windy day like today they became a block against the wind as well, a very welcome relief.

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