Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday August 3rd: (10th day of riding) - Ride Research

Wednesday August 3rd: (10th day of riding) - Ride Research

This morning a quick trip to Girona was planned with a couple of goals in mind. The first was to gather information a potential ride in France, about 60km to the north and the second goal was find a cycling jersey a souvenir of the trip.

We peddled in to Bikebreaks ( rented us the bikes that we've been using for the trip for some advice on the proposed trip. Dave explained the difficultly of what we had in mind, but proposed three trips from Figueras; hard, moderate and easy. He spent he time to outline them on the map, then we discussed the pros and cons of each ride and we discussed the aspects of traveling on the trains with bikes, because we were figuring on biking to the Girona station, then loading on the train and taking that to Figueras. We later stopped at the train station to confirm the departure times and the travel time. We can take take the bikes for free on the train and the trip duration is only 40 minutes.

The second goal was to find a trip jersey. I talked to Philippe to find out where he bought his jersey. His wife Agnes gave me the business card of the store. Albert and I found the store and they had a couple of jerseys, I grabbed an orange one that I plan on wearing tomorrow.

We headed back to villa for an early day stopping in Aquavia for lunch. Taking a queue from yesterday, we grabbed some sandwich fixings and had lunch on a bench under a shade tree. A quick dip in the pool, a nap and now update to the blog. Life is good....

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